- I can’t hear the sound when I click on the audio icons in the course. The file gets blocked or I hear bad quality or broken sound.

There is a sound file associated with the speaker icon which opens when you click on the icon. The sound is reproduced through the multimedia player on your PC or directly from your web browser.

Choose the 'open file' option in the Windows dialogue box that appears on the screen. Deactivate the 'Ask before opening this type of file' option and the web browser will activate the sound directly without asking each time.

The format of the audio file is wma.

If the sound doesn’t play or if you have bad sound reproduction, you should activate your audio ‘codecs’. For a quick and easy solution, we recommend you install the free version of the Winamp multimedia player from www.winamp.com  (Free --> Full version).

For Mac users, download and install Microsoft Media Player (Mac version) from the Microsoft website ( www.microsoft.com ).

If you are a Linux user, download and install a multimedia player that is compatible with wma, such as Mplayer (available from www.mplayerhq.hu).

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